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Availability, Rates, & Contact Information

~ 2009 at ABF is currently booked ~
Contact Marybeth Boruta:
518-828-8698 or 518-929-7801
Please see the 'The Farmhouse at Rt 66' link and the Calendar House link to review the information for venues that currently have more options/availability for 2009.

Please note typical costs for an ABF wedding range from $30K + depending on the vendors you choose and the number of guests.  What could this include?

ABF Site and Event Consulting/Coordination
Caterer (food/beverages)
Travel services/busing
Farmhouse Rental
On-site Parking - attendant(s) included
Rehearsal dinner and/or Sunday brunch
 We have flexible options and will work to help you stay within this budget range**, you can elect to use some of your own vendors (such as photographer, musicians, and florists) but cost may increase.  All ABF events utilize three options for caterers (details are on the vendors listing page of this website):
*Georgia Ray's - Chef Danielle
*Creative Celebrations - Chef Brad Renner
*New World Catering - Chef Ric Orlando

** If your budget is less than the range described you may look at our alternate option of the Rt 66 Farmhouse, details in the  The Farmhouse at Rt 66 link above or the Calendar House.

To contact us for an appointment or for more information on ABF or one of our other venues, please complete the following questions and send to or so we understand your needs better.
There is a direct 'mailbox' link below for your convenience.
Are you interested in hosting a rehearsal dinner for guests traveling in or a brunch for the day following your event?
Desired date or season/year for the event?
Approximate number of guests you expect?
What is your expected budget and what do you think this will include?  ABF events start at ~$30K...The Calendar House venue starts at ~$25K, and the Rt 66 venue starts at ~$20K.  Which location most fits within your expected budget?
Do you have certain vendors you plan to use, 'friends' who will be providing certain services, or things you feel you will manage, please describe (i.e.. you plan to use your iPod for the ceremony and cocktail hour, or you have a friend that is a photographer, etc.)
Will most of your guests be traveling in from out of town and need further overnight accommodations?  Please note that each of our venues 'reserves' accommodations ranging from 6 - 26 people for up to one week.  
Anything else you think we should know...

Please note Sunday is 'family day' and we do not show the barn or take calls.  We will follow up on all inquiries within 2-3 days during the business week

We thank you for your interest in Apple Barn Farm and look forward to working with you:
ABF Property Manager & Event Coordinator - MaryBeth Boruta ( - 518-828-8698 or 518-929-7801)
Venue Consultant: Kerri Corrigan

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